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1000 Indian women in sarees steal the show at the Royal Ascot 2022 in UK

Indian origin women made heads turn as they attended the gala event dressed in sarees reflecting India’s endless diversity. Some of them wore ‘Kantha’ sarees, a unique style of embroidered sarees with its origin in Birbhum, West Bengal. 

Extravagant hats and glamorous outfits are the hallmark and signature of the third day at the Royal Ascot Races, also known as Ladies Day. However, this year’s Ladies Day was ablaze with a  splash of Indian vibrancy and  colour as over a thousand Indian-origin women created history when they turned up in sarees  at the celebrated racing event,  a report in The Economic Times, says.

‘Kanthas’ Stand Out

Indian origin women made heads turn as they attended the gala event dressed in sarees, reflecting India’s endless diversity. Some of them wore ‘Kantha’ sarees, with its unique style of embroidery sarees that has its origin in Birbhum, West Bengal. 

The ‘Kantha’ sarees at the Royal Ascot 2022 were designed by Rupa Khatun. Interestingly, Khatun has never heard of the Queen or the Royal Ascot.

London & Kolkata Skylines on Fabric

Dr Dipti Jain, who hails from Kolkata, came up with this grand idea of an women’s group wearing sarees to highlight their ethnic Indian culture and heritage. It was also a special way to celebrate and highlight the rich tradition of fabric weaving and the artisans of  India. 

Dr Jain’s hand-embroidered silk saree captured the essence of Kolkata and London skylines. It also featured the face of the Queen, a typical red phone booth, the iconic Big Ben and the Tower of London, created for the occasion by Rupa Khatun.

The Grandeur Of ‘Mekhala Chador’

Another lady Chinu Kishore, wore the Assamese traditional weave ‘Mekhala Chador’. Kishore, according to ‘NDTV’, is a civil engineer at British Railways and represented Assam at the Royal Ascot. 

This traditional saree consists of two pieces of cloth draped around the body. While the bottom portion is known as Mekhala, the top portion is called Chador. These sarees are traditionally woven.

Madhubani Silk Saree

Sanchita Bhattacharya, a media professional, wore a hand-crafted Madhubani silk saree. Madhubani is a distinctive style of folk painting in India and Nepal. The style is nothing short of art as it depicts earthy hues in contrasting patterns. The art form gets its name from the Madhubani district of Bihar. 

British Royalty

Britain’s Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Tindall were among the prominent guests at the Royal Ascot. The event was an embodiment of the quintessential British fashion with many prominent personalities trying to outdo each other with their sartorial choices.

While the women stole the show with an assortment of fashionable outfits, men too made stunning impact at racing event. The Royal Ascot which has been known to feature men in traditional and sophisticated attire, saw a decided shift towards a more casual look this year. However, hats, of all kinds, colours and sizes, provided as much of a visual treat for visitors as a mainstay of British fashion – from the traditional to avant garde styles. (Rewrite David Solomon).



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