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SEPC seeks to boost inbound tourism through mega event ‘Atithi’ this year

‘Atithi’ will be looking for support from the trade and industry associations and from the Ministry of Tourism


The Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) under the Ministry of Commerce is planning a major inbound expo, ‘Atithi’, later this year, to promote India as a global tourism destination. Abhay Sinha, Director General, SEPC, talking to ETTravelWorld said that there had been lapses in communicating and highlighting SEPC’s critical role in promoting inbound tourism. ‘Atithi’ will be looking for support from the trade and industry associations and from the Ministry of Tourism.

The Director General said SEPC had the approval from the Ministry of Commerce for holding ‘Atithi’ for which the dates will be announced on August 26 when a curtain-raiser conclave will be held. Sinha also said that consultations with the trade associations and the Ministry of Tourism had started.

Speaking about the core objective of these events, the Director General said, was to communicate and highlight to the stakeholders the value that SEPC could bring and deliver to the inbound industry in India beyond the SEIS (Services Export from India Scheme).

“We are in the process of finalising an innovative alternative to SEIS for the benefit of the travel, tourism and hospitality MSMEs. It will be a simple and market-oriented proposal,” Sinha was quoted saying. The proposal for the alternative scheme will be submitted to the Commerce Ministry soon.

The SEPC had been set up for the facilitation of services exporters and travel and tourism was an important sector within its ambit. SEPC, he emphasized, was geared to address all issues of the services exporters and travel and tourism was “a critical area we are focusing on now”, he said.

“The SEPC would participate in all the international travel exhibitions from this year.”

Sinha also said that by becoming a SEPC member, travel and tourism businesses could leverage innumerable benefits in the form of the Market Access Initiative (MAI) of the Ministry of Commerce; participate in B2B events and exhibitions in overseas markets; become part of B2B delegations of the services sector to other countries, etc. He asserted that “no other association or body can deliver so many benefits to its members”.

He said that the Council was being helped financially by the Ministry of Commerce to hold B2B events and exhibitions as well as host Indian businesses for B2B events abroad. “The delegates have to bear only the hotel expenses to attend these events,” he said. Sinha also pointed out that the SEPC would be leading business delegations to Africa, CIS countries, Europe, ASEAN, this financial year to promote the Indian services sector. Members would be able to join the delegation and publicise their businesses in these markets.

Sinha also said that the SEPC would participate in all the international travel exhibitions from this year. Opportunities will be explored for synergies between the Incredible India pavilion of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India at such events, reported ETTravelWorld.



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