Monday, July 4, 2022

Good news for Indian carriers flying to the US

“Overall all positive and no negative word or view expressed in their assessment. This was the best, India has ever performed in a FAA audit till date.”

— DGCA source

India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation has successfully passed the audit by the US-based Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) by achieving about 90 per cent of the total compliances, according to a report in ET.

The economic daily quoted sources in DGCA saying that the FAA Audit had gone off well. “In a record of sorts, India did not get any adverse observations. On the contrary, in a number of cases- about 90 per cent they got appreciation. FAA noted the regulatory and manual reforms carried out DGCA and endorsed. In a few cases, they noted that it was work in progress and was likely to be completed in days ahead,” a senior DGCA source was quoted.

“Overall all positive and no negative word or view expressed in their assessment. This was the best, India has ever performed in a FAA audit till date,” according to the DGCA source.

The successful completion of FAA audit means that Indian carriers will not face any issue in launching flights to the US. This also ensures that that other aviation regulators do not raise any concern over India’s regulatory standing, thus, making it easier for Indian carriers to expand globally.

The FAA team conducted an audit for seven days. This audit followed a five-member team audit by FAA in October last year that had looked into safety guidelines, including the licensing of personnel and airworthiness, during the audit.

Incidentally, this was not the first time that the FAA had audited India’s DGCA. It may be pointed out that the FAA had downgraded India to Category II in safety oversight capability in January 2014 over two key concerns: lack of training of officials and the absence of full-time flight operations inspectors on the DGCA’s rolls. A category II status meant Indian airlines had to go through stringent scrutiny for being able to operate flights to the US.



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